About me

Since March 2014 I have been a Labex researcher in the STARS team at INRIA Méditerranée in Sophia Antipolis, France.

My research is in computer vision and image processing. My latest results deal with health monitoring and specifically with expression recognition in Alzheimer's disease patients.

I am also interested and involved in other areas, such as combining image processing and statistics towards analysis and algorithmic design of soft biometrics systems, video surveillance systems, beauty estimation, as well as the impact of facial cosmetics on automated biometric systems.


We received the Best Paper Award (Runner Up) at the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Identity, Security and Behavior Analysis (ISBA 2017) for our work on "Spoofing Faces Using Makeup: An Investigative Study", co-authored by Cunjian Chen (Canon, China), Thomas Swearingen (Michigan State University, USA) and Arun Ross (Michigan State University, USA). In this paper we study the vulnerability of face recognition systems to makeup - where an adversary applies facial cosmetics to look like someone else. This process, known as spoofing, can undermine the integrity of a face recognition system. We systematically evaluate this vulnerability and suggest ways in which it can be counteracted.

Specialties and research interests

Soft biometrics, biometrics, health monitoring, video surveillance, human identification, facial aesthetics, database search pruning, telecommunications, human computer interaction and usability.